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Museum of Archeology - Stavanger

This exhibition is about creation myths from various cultures around the world.

These myths provides answers to questions such as :

How did this world order come into being?

How can chaos become the cosmos?

How was the world created?

How can something come from nothing?


                                                 What was this nothing that existed before time?rder legge til din egen tekst og redigere meg. Det er lett altså.

Johannes Kirke - Stavanger

My exhibition in Johannes Church in Stavanger took place a week in november 2016 during

the "Johannes days" This is a yearly event were artists ,concerts and other cultural happenings take place.

My paintings had a theme from a book written by the late author Karsten Roedder : "Knus ikke den elendige i porten", a novel about how it was like to be a poor child in Stavanger before the first world war.

I also related my work to people, young and old, living today in Norway and around the world suffering from a variety of challenges.

"Knus ikke en elendig i porten" 

Collage : 160 x 160 cm

" Tapt barndom"

Collage : 50 x 50 cm


Collage : 50 x 50 cm

"Porten til Europa"

Collage : 70 x 70 cm

" Knust"

Collage : 70 x 70 cm

"Tapt ungdom"

Collage : 70 x 70 cm

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